Inclusivity Statement

Riverside Educational Center believes in societal equity and takes action to achieve equity within our programming. REC supports actions that promote and achieve equity for all students and families and actively works to break down systemic barriers that hold students back. REC advocates for equity and inclusivity and the elimination of prejudice within schools and our community. 


REC programming is grounded upon mutual respect, open communication, and respectful collaboration with REC students and their families. We recognize that we do not have all the answers to combat prejudices, but we have the capacity to drive change within our community and commit, as an organization and as individuals, to listening, learning, and taking action to fight prejudice.


REC commits to the hard work of identifying our implicit biases and addressing them as an organization and within our programming. We pledge to invest in implicit bias training for our staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors. We resolve to provide age-appropriate inclusivity education for our students. REC is dedicated to valuing and respecting one another’s differences. 


Our work is collaborative and we acknowledge that REC cannot take actions alone or in a vacuum. Ongoing discussions and actions, at all levels of society, advance our mission of inclusivity and educational and societal equity.