Qualifications & Contributions

Student Qualifications

To enroll a student in REC's program, parents must complete an application. Student enrollment is generally based on meeting two or more qualifying factors.

Qualifying factors include but are not limited to:

  • Free/reduced lunch program participant

  • Low attendance

  • In need of behavior support

  • Homelessness

  • Participating in either an ILP or IEP

  • English language learner

  • Being from a single parent family

  • Below grade level proficiency on CSAP or NWEA tests

  • Students not meeting grade level expectations.

  • Other risk factors as identified

 Suggested Contributions

There is no fee to attend REC. If you would like to donate to REC, the suggested donation is as follows:

  • First student: Suggested $20.00 donation per year

  • Each additional student: Suggested $5.00 donation per year


Parents are also highly encouraged to participate in at least one training or family event each semester.

Policies & Procedures

Please read Riverside Educational Center's program site policies and procedures

Please call 970-462-2901 or email  susette@rec4kids.com for more information.