As a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, Riverside Educational Center depends on its Board of Directors to help guide the organization in fulfilling its mission.

Our Board is a diverse and self-perpetuating group of men and women. They are not directly involved in the day-to-day operations of REC but are responsible for hiring and directing the Executive Director who oversees the program. Board members participate on a volunteer basis and are dedicated to ensuring REC’s fiscal health, its quality programming and its vision for the future.

               I think education is the most important component for a successful and fulfilling life. Anything we can do to help every child succeed in school benefits us all.  That is exactly what REC does.  And I am thrilled to be a part of it.”


-Sally Gaglione  (Board Member)




“REC’s Legacy Board are past Board of Directors who have fulfilled their maximum term but continue to dedicate their time and resources to the Riverside Educational Center in a variety of ways.  We value them as a part of the REC family.”


Mary Beth Buescher

Fred Jones

Jon Labrum

Karen Madsen

Dave Patterson

Tim Pollard

Blanca Saenz

Jay Seaton

Jill Waugh

Jeffrey A. Taets

Kathy Hall

Miriam Rodriguez

Jennifer Christ

Brigitte Sündermann

Becky Hobart

Kelly Reuss, Director

Director, Student Services- WCCC

Steve Bennett, Director

Retire, Banker

Alicia Ramirez, Director

Administrative Specialist, Mesa County DHS

Estrella Ruiz, Director

Outpatient Community Health Worker, Mind Springs Health

Andy Smith, President

Editorial Page Editor, The Daily Sentinel

Sue Gormley, Vice President

Retired, Public Administrator

Kristine Kampf, Secretary

Community Volunteer

Bill Raimer, Treasurer

Chief Financial Officer,

Western Healthcare Alliance

Kyle Hunke, Director

Retired, Financial Advisor

Sally Gaglione, M.D., Director

Radiologist, Community Hospital


Angela Hegstrom, Director

Volunteer Community Member


Louise Goodman, Director

Senior Vice President, Timberline Bank

Dennis Berry, Director

Director, Mesa County Criminal Justice

Gordon Gallagher, Director

United States Magistrate Judge

Brian Hill, Assistant Superintendent

District 51 


Diana Williams, Director

Deputy Director, Mesa County Public Health